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Bachelor programme Agricultural Sciences

Content and focus of the degree programme:

This bachelor's programme deals with all processes of the agricultural value creation chain and qualifies the students to work in occupations in this field. Students are not only taught basics of natural sciences and special knowledge of biosciences and agricultural production but they also gain a relationship to socio-economic circumstances. Graduates should both be able to master the development and application of sustainable technologies and methods for an optimisation of agricultural production and know about the economic basics of the market development and the marketing of agricultural products. Specialisations are possible in the areas of plant production, animal production, land and food economy, horticulture, pomiculture and viticulture, organic farming and agricultural biology. Students can but do not have to choose these areas of focus. In the course of the programme practical experience is gained through projects and excursions.

Group of fields of study:
Engineering Sciences
Degree programme:
Agricultural Sciences
Bachelor programme
Academic degree:
Bachelor of Science, BSc
6 Semester / 180 ECTS*

Further information:

Languages of instruction:
Student Union fee: EUR 20,70
Tuition fee - see Detailed information
Stay abroad:
Not compulsory
Type of higher education institution:
published in the:
MBL. 2019/20, Stk. 17 (Nr. 257)

Definition of the field of studies

The degree programme in Agricultural Sciences provides the students with interdisciplinary and integrative knowledge and skills which are needed in the agricultural production chain. Human and animal food as well as renewable primary products are central aspects of the course.


Compulsory subjects are natural sciences (chemistry, zoology, microbiology, etc.) and socio-economic principles (law, business administration, etc.) as well as expert knowledge of agricultural production (e.g. plant cultivation, livestock breeding, pomiculture and viticulture, etc.). A pertinent eight-week internship is compulsory before the end of the programme. At least two bachelor's theses that the student wrote him-/herself in the course of the programme must achieve a pass grade in order to get a bachelor's degree.

Entrance examinations


Supplementary examinations