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Bachelor programme Applied Geosciences

Content and focus of the degree programme:

The education in the bachelor programme takes place at the intersection of classical (mining) engineering sciences and traditional earth sciences. It prepares its students for the above-mentioned tasks in the national and international labour market. It conveys professional skills in the relevant scientific and technical disciplines, an understanding of geoprocesses and geomaterials and their importance for technical issues and other knowledge and skills that are necessary for the profession.

Group of fields of study:
Engineering Sciences
Degree programme:
Applied Geosciences
Bachelor programme
Academic degree:
Bachelor of Science, BSc
7 Semester / 210 ECTS*

Further information:

Languages of instruction:
Student Union fee: EUR 20,70
Tuition fee - see Detailed information
Stay abroad:
Not compulsory
Type of higher education institution:
published in the:
MBl. 2018/19, Stk. 90 (Nr. 135)

Definition of the field of studies

The degree programme Applied Geosciences deals with the search, exploitation and evaluation of raw materials and deposits, evaluation of georisks and the geotechnical project planning for building projects.


The bachelor programme consists of compulsory subjects dealing with mathematics, chemistry, physics, economics, geosciences and their methods, petroleum geology, environmental and hydrogeology and elective subjects, which can be chosen freely from the courses offered by all recognised Austrian and foreign universities. During the bachelor programme a subject-relevant work placement must be done. If a work placement outside the university is not possible or only partly possible, the rest of the period to complete the placement is to be replaced by subject-relevant work at a department of the Montanuniversität. The degree programme concludes with an examination before a committee in the subjects “General Geosciences” and “Applied Geosciences”. The latter one consists of two parts, which are to be chosen from the following compulsory subjects: applied geophysics, petroleum geology, geomechanics and engineering geology, environmental and hydrogeology, economic geology. The degree programme is completed with the successfully passed examination before the committee and a pass grade on both bachelor theses. The first of these theses is to contain field mapping exercises and geological reporting and the topic of the second one can be chosen from various thematic subjects.

Entrance examinations


Supplementary examinations

DG (DP) - Descriptive Geometry (examination has to be passed before the final part of the diploma degree examination or bachelor?s examination)