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Master programme Slavonic Studies

Content and focus of the degree programme:

This study programme is only available in German.

Graduates will have command of three Slavonic languages. Due to their qualification they will be suited for occupations requiring broad understanding of Slavonic languages and literatures as well as well-founded knowledge of the Russian social and cultural environment. They will be able to hold academic discourses. Possible occupations will be in libraries, publishing houses and the media, occupations in language practice or language teaching, academic research, companies, banks and the diplomatic service.

Higher education institution:
Universität Wien
Group of fields of study:
Degree programme:
Slavonic Studies
Master programme
Academic degree:
Master of Arts, MA
4 Semester / 120 ECTS

Further information:

Languages of instruction:
Student Union fee: EUR 22,70
Tuition fee - see Detailed information
Stay abroad:
Not compulsory
Type of higher education institution:
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Definition of the field of studies

Graduates of the master's programme in Slavonic Studies will be able to carry out professions that require a broader and deeper understanding of Slavic languages and literature as well as their cultural and social environment and in which the research and/or transfer of relevant scientific knowledge is at the centre of attention.


Students have to complete the following compulsory modules: "Language acquisition", "Historical-Philological Module", "Linguistics“, “Literature and Cultural Studies“, “Master's Module“ and “Specialisation“. In the master's programme in Slavonic Studies students can complete courses from one or three different areas of specialisation according to the offer. A specialisation is considered to have been completed if the master's module, the master's thesis and the compulsory module Specialization have been completed in this area of specialisation.

Entrance examinations


Supplementary examinations